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Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Amazon

Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Amazon

COVID-19 quarantines have definitely taken a toll on our modern social dynamics. Some people have started crochet projects, and some others have taken their bets on magic mushroom cultivation. However, the cultivation of psychedelic mushrooms is far from a novel practice. Since the first indigenous people used mushroom for their religious ceremonies, there has always been small communities of mycologists and enthusiasts drawn to the magic effect of psilocybin.

We have seen the mushroom enthusiast community peaking in the past years, fueled by new approaches to alternative medicine and spiritual embodiment. However, for beginners is always challenging to find the correct information on the world “wild” web. So, in this article, we want to streamline the search process for you and present you with first-class Amazon psychedelic mushroom grow kits that you can purchase to start growing your own magic mushrooms.

DISCLAIMER: Please notice we only provide resources to persons above 21 years old who decide to grow psychedelic mushrooms on their own initiative. We do not encourage nor condone the use of illegal psychedelics in any way. Furthermore, we do not claim the use of psilocybin may be comparable to or be a substitute for professional medical help, therapy, medical advice, or prescriptions.

Here are the best available magic mushroom grow kit Amazon:

Virgenu’s Mushroom Grow Kit

Our first choice is Virgenu’s Grow Kit. It’s a full-equipped kit with everything you need to start growing your fresh mushrooms at home. Also, they have a 4.3-star rating out of 491 reviews, which is pretty good.

This mushroom grow kit comes with 12 premixed and pre-sterilized substrate jars, a 20”x15”x12” growing chamber, a digital thermometer with hydrometer and humidity gauge, an electric 200-watt heater and an electric air pump, one LED battery grow light, one gallon of ultra-fine perlite and sanitizing tools to avoid the risk of contamination.

After checkout, you need to email the provider, and they will send you a step-by-step growing guide specifically for this kit. They will also send you Mushroom Cultivation 101, a detailed guide to teach you about incubation, fruiting, casing methods, and great ways to dry your own mushrooms.

A great start if you’re going head-first into the shroom-growing world.

Out-Grow’s All-in-one Grow Kit

Out-Grow has this mini all-in-one grow bag, especially for beginners, since it’s a straightforward process to get your first harvest out of this.

It’s a 1.5 pounds bag of fully hydrated and sterilized manure-based substrate ready to use. It also has a self-healing injection port with a five-micron filter patch for perfect air exchange. All you need to do is inoculate the rye berry layer of the substrate with between 2 to 5 cc of mushroom spores or culture, and you’re good to go. Allow 4 to 6 weeks, and you’ll be fruiting your first flush. According to them, you may mix the bag once it’s 50% colonized to reduce colonization times. Even though it’s a really easy process, they’ll also provide instructions after purchase.

This product has a 4.1-star rating out of 970 reviews.

MushroomSupplies’ All-In-One Mushroom Grow Bag

If Out-Grow’s kit felt too small for you, Mushroom Supplies has the same perfect, streamlined solution at a grander scale and top quality.

They provide an all-in-one grow bag containing a high-yield mixed developed by expert mycologists. This lab-quality bag has an injection port and a 0.2-micron filter patch. They offer two options: a 3lb substrate grow bag, or a 5lb substrate grow bag. Their substrate combines sterilized millet, premium manure, vermiculite, coco coir, and gypsum. They suggest using 10 ccs of mushroom spores or liquid culture, although spores will take up to 2 weeks longer to colonize.

These grow bags have been sterilized rather than pasteurized, so they will allow storage for longer than the typical bags, keeping in mind the optimal storage environment would be in a room below 74 Fahrenheit degrees. Although the recommendation is to inoculate as soon as you receive it, they have seen bags perform well up to 6 months after delivery.

They guarantee their products are 100% sterile and risk-free, or your money back! How about that! Of course, they also provide detailed instructions and a link to a video for visual support. This is the perfect choice if you’re on a tight budget since you can get up to three flushes out of this bag.

Despite being a small company expanding to mushroom cultivation from the cannabis side, they already have a 4-star rating out of 126 reviews and counting!

Since psychedelic mushroom cultivation continues to be illegal in many states, these grow kit providers cannot sell magic mushroom spores along with their products, so you’ll need to purchase the spore syringe or the liquid culture syringe separately. The good news is that selling psilocybin spores for educational or research purposes is completely legal, so you won’t have a hard time finding a reliable provider in the United States.


On the other hand, if you’re a seasoned grower looking to set up your own grow kit or you’d like to try bulk grow, Amazon has some interesting items to offer you as well.

Surfin’ Spores’ Monotub

Surfin’ Spores has tackled the space problem for bulk growers with this inflatable mushroom grow kit. This fruiting chamber is a 18x10x11 inches monotube with ten built-in holes for fresh air exchange. It also comes with ten plugs for the colonization stage and ten filters for the fruiting stage. It’s made out of thick clear plastic and has a built-in tub liner to save you the use of trash bags. When inflated, it has a 35 quarts volume.

They have a 4.7-star rating out of 17 reviews. Definitely looks worth giving it a try.

Mushroom Supplies’ Substrate

Whether you’re in this only for psilocybin mushrooms or occasionally enjoy growing medicinal mushrooms and other edible species, this substrate developed by mycologist will be perfect for your needs.

They have two sizes available, a 5lb bag and a 10lb bag. It’s a high-yield mix containing the perfect ratio of premium manure, vermiculite, coco coir, and gypsum, a great substrate blend for psilocybin mushrooms. They recommend mixing 5lbs of substrate for every 3lbs of grain spawn, which you’ll need to purchase separately.

This product has a 4.6-star rating out of 150 reviews, and customers seem extremely happy about the quality, delivery time, and packaging.

MycoHaus Substrates

For bulk and seasoned growers who love to keep things smell-free, Mycohaus’ sterilized compost is also a great choice. They sell a 10lb bag of fully composted and aged manure, peat moss, vermiculite, and hardwood mulch. They have added the appropriate amount of moisture and calcium carbonate for optimal growth and perfect PH.

They recommend inoculating the bag with a colonized grain spawn to ensure full and successful colonization of the compost. This product has a 4.3 stars rating out of 354 reviews.

On top of these grow kits and supplies that you can use to grow your shrooms, Amazon also has a wide variety of spray & grow kits, log grow kits, and grow bags that come already inoculated with mushroom spores or with the live mycelium. You just need to water it regularly to fruit other savory edible species like reishi, shiitake, lion’s mane, or oyster mushrooms.


magic mushroom grow kit amazon

Magic mushrooms grow naturally across many regions of the planet. However, venturing into the wild to gather your shrooms may be a potentially lethal venture for those who are not very seasoned mycologists or fungi farmers. Furthermore, given the current prohibition of psilocybin mushrooms, buying from a reliable provider comes close to an impossible task. Therefore, enthusiasts of magic mushroom cultivation find it easier to grow their own fresh mushrooms at home.

From the variety of psilocybin mushrooms, fungi farmers agree that the Psilocybe cubensis B+ and Golden Teacher mushrooms are among the easiest to grow at home.

The first and foremost thing you need to grow cubensis mushrooms is a clean, sanitized space, which has become a daily scenario for most of us after the pandemic.

Secondly, you will need a spore syringe containing the mushroom spores; think of it as seeds to “plant” the shrooms. You also need a growing medium known as mushroom substrate, which comes to be like soil for the plants, and a fruiting chamber or tub, the setup where your mushrooms will sprout in for you to harvest them.

And finally, you want to have alcohol swabs, gloves, thermometer, and humidity gauge, and make sure you have a device like a heat mat to adjust the room or grow box temperature.

The first stage is inoculation or injection. You will inoculate the cubensis spores to the growing medium and let it sit until mycelium spawns; that is the incubation phase. Mycelium is a fluffy white mass of filaments that are the equivalent of roots in plants. These filaments will absorb the nutrients from the growing medium to develop into mushrooms. Bulk growers prefer to inoculate their spores or liquid culture to a small sterilized grain bag, creating a mushroom spawn. Once the mycelium has colonized the grain, they can divide it into two or more portions and mix each with the mushroom substrate in a larger growing chamber. Then the mycelium will fully colonize the substrate, and once the first pins appear, you’ll be able to harvest your mushrooms within 5-12 days. Of course, throughout the whole process, you will need to adjust the temperature accordingly to each phase and keep misting the grow box regularly. The process can take up to 2 months, from inoculation to fruiting.


Magic mushrooms come in a variety of species and strains. They all have in common the psychoactive compound psilocybin, which is metabolized into psilocin inside the human body and produces the psychedelic effects.

Now, beginners looking to experience their first psychedelic trip may ask: should I grow magic mushrooms or truffles? What’s the difference?

First things first. Magic truffles are not even truffles. These are the sclerotia that grow underground next to the fruiting body. Sclerotia are hardened masses of mycelium that the mushroom grows under the earth like a food deposit. Mushrooms will use this nutrient reservoir for situations in which extreme environmental challenges threaten their survival. Then, once the optimal conditions are met, these mycelium nuts will leverage the nutrients they have in stock and will restart the life cycle of the mushroom.

You need to understand that the potency varies from one mushroom species to another. The Golden Teacher, for example, is a moderately potent strain compared to the Penis Envy, which is said to have the higher psilocybin concentration among the cubensis mushrooms and produce extreme visual effects.

What brings us back to the question: magic truffles or magic mushrooms? Well, as you can see, both are simply different parts of the same fungal organism. They’re only different in their aspect and methods of cultivation and harvesting. Some people state that tripping with magic truffles comes easier than tripping with mushrooms; others claim the visual effects are less intense. However, there is no scientific evidence for such claims.


What is the best substrate for psychedelic mushrooms to grow?

Every fungi farmer has their own guidelines and “green thumb” secret sauce. However, many successful ones agree that a substrate of vermiculite and coco coir in a 1:1 ratio is the perfect mix. Others prefer to utilize a straw manure-based substrate.

How long do magic mushrooms take to grow?

It all depends on the specie, genetics, and cultivation conditions. However, on average, cubensis mushrooms take between 1 and 2 months to grow.

Where can I buy a magic mushroom grow kit?

As we mentioned, there are mushroom grow kits available on Amazon. All you need to do is purchase the cubensis spore syringe from a reliable provider. Also, providers like Third Wave, North Spore or Midwest Grow Kits will give you what you need along with very useful information.

Enjoy your educational-purpose-only grow!

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